Free Text Column Config

The Predefined Configuration for the Free Text Column function.

Free Text Column State

The Free Text Column State contains a collection of FreeTextColumn objects:

FreeTextColumnsCollection of Free Text Columns

Free Text Column Object

A FreeTextColumn object is defined as follows:

ColumnIdId of Column
DefaultValueInitial value to use for each cell in the Column
FreeTextStoredValuesCollection of Stored Values to aplly in the Column
FriendlyNameFriendly Name to use to refer to Column; if unset ColumnId is used
TextEditorType of cell editor to use when editing a Free Text Column

Free Text Column Stored Value

The FreeTextColumn object includes a FreeTextStoredValues property which is defined as follows:


Free Text Stored Values will typically be added by users at run-time, rather than set at design-time

FreeTextValue to store in the cell
PrimaryKeyPrimary Key Column value for the row

Putting it Together

const demoConfig: PredefinedConfig = {
FreeTextColumn: {
FreeTextColumns: [
ColumnId: 'Comments',
FriendlyName: 'User Comments',
DefaultValue: '',
FreeTextStoredValues: [
{ PrimaryKey: 11137, FreeText: 'Dispatch asap' },
{ PrimaryKey: 11133, FreeText: 'Angry customer' },
{ PrimaryKey: 11128, FreeText: 'Important order' },
} as PredefinedConfig;

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