Plus Minus Config

The Predefined Configuration for the Plus Minus function

Plus Minus State

Contains a collection of Plus Minus Rules.

PlusMinusRulesArray of Plus Minus Rules

Plus Minus Rule

A Plus Minus Rule is defined as follows:

ColumnIdColumn to which the Rule is applied Mandatory
IsDefaultNudgeWhether this is default nudge value for Column or requires an Expression Mandatory
NudgeValueAmount by which to update cell when Rule is applied Mandatory

Query Object

A Plus Minus Rule can either serve as the Default Rule for the Column or it can be dependent on an Expression and only to be applied when that Expression returns true.

For this reason a Plus Minus Rule derives from Query Object, and therefore also includes these 2 properties:

ExpressionThe Expression itself - will be evaluated using the Adaptable parser
SharedQueryIdReference to the Uuid property of existing Shared Query in Query State
export default {
PlusMinus: {
PlusMinusRules: [
ColumnId: 'BidOfferSpread',
IsDefaultNudge: true,
NudgeValue: 1,
ColumnId: 'BidOfferSpread',
IsDefaultNudge: false,
NudgeValue: 0.5,
Expression: '[Notional] > 10000000',
} as PredefinedConfig;

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