Schedule Config

The Predefined Configuration for the Schedule function

Schedule State

This section of State contains a number of different Schedules - one for each function:

Glue42SchedulesSchedules connected to Glue42 exports - available if Glue42 plugin is running
IPushPullSchedulesSchedules connected to ipushpull Reports - available if ipushpull plugin is running
OpenFinSchedulesSchedules connected to OpenFin data exports - available if OpenFin plugin is running
RemindersSchedules connected to Reminders - Alerts that fire at set times
ReportSchedulesSchedules connected to Reports (created in the Export function)

A Schedule object is defined as follows:

DaysOfWeekDays on which Shedule will run
HourHour the Schedule will run
MinuteMinute the Schedule will run
OneOffDateA one off date on which the Schedule will run

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