Suspendable Object

Some objects in AdapTable implement the Suspendable Object interface which derives from Adaptable Object.

The interface exposes just 1 property:

IsSuspendedSuspends (i.e. turns off) an Adaptable Object


AdapTable Objects operate, and are available, immediately after they are created - whether they are provided in Predefined Config or created in the UI.

And - depending on Entitlements - they can be edited and deleted.

However, for some objects there may be a need temporarily to suspend its activity; e.g. to stop an Alert from firing for a while, or temporarily removing a Conditional Style.

This is where the IsSuspended property comes in. When set to true (the default is 'false'), the object remains in Adaptable State but is not applied or invoked or used as when it is active.

Only some objects in Predefined Config implement the Suspendable Object interface. These include:


All Api classes that deal with Suspendable Objects have suspend and unSuspend methods - e.g. suspendCustomSort and unSuspendCustomSort in Custom Sort Api