Theme Config

The Predefined Configuration for the Theme function.

See the Theming and Styling Guide for more information on this topic.

Theme State

CurrentThemeName of current theme (or theme to set at startup); leave blank if using 'Light Theme', set to 'dark' for 'Dark Theme' or provide name of Custom Theme
SystemThemesWhich, if any, of the 2 themes shipped by Adaptable should be available; leave unset to provide both, or an empty array to provide neither.
UserThemesCustom themes (of type AdaptableTheme) provided by developers

A User Theme is defined as follows:

DescriptionDescription of Theme - will appear in Theme Toolbar and Toolpanel
NameName of the Theme
VendorGridClassNameVendor Grid related css className to be applied


export default {
Theme: {
Description:"Blue Theme",
// optional - sets theme of underlying vendor grid to match selected blue theme
VendorGridClassName: 'ag-theme-blue'
} as PredefinedConfig;

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