Version 10 Upgrade Guide

AdapTable Version 10 was released in October 2021.


There are no changes to Predefined Config which works exactly the same as before.

AG Grid 26

The most significant element in the release is support for AG Grid Version 26.

However AdapTable does not support the the new AG Grid React UI - as that is still under development and not expected to be completed until December 2021.


As soon as the React UI is completed, it will be supported in the React Wrapper.

Public NPM Registry

Adaptable is now available on a public npm registry - in place of the private registry where it used to be hosted.

One consequence of this change, is that AdapTable instances must provide a value for the licenseKey property in Adaptable Options.


If you have not received a License Key please email Adaptable Tools Support


If the license key is not present, AdapTable will display a watermark and run with reduced functionality

Adaptable Options

Version 10 completes the process started in Version 9 of refactoring Adaptable Options so that it is more intuitive for developers to configure their AdapTable instance.

Accordingly, a few new sections have been added:

Data Change History OptionsUsed in conjunction with new Change History History Module
Filter OptionsThe filter-related properties that were previously in Search Options
Notification OptionsMerges previous Alert Options and System Status Options into one section
Query Language OptionsManages AdapTableQL (many options moved from Search Options)


A new Change History Module has been added, giving full oversight of all data changes in AdapTable - both user-edits and 'ticking'.

AdapTableQL Improvements

AdapTableQL (the Query Language used for evaluating Expressions) has had some improvements:

  • Expression Functions can be made available by Module
  • New Expression Functions have been added
  • Case sensitivity has been extended to Expressions
  • Can move between steps in the Expression Editor with the mouse

Vertical Wizards

Version 10 replaces the remaining old-style wizards with the more powerful vertical wizards.


This process was begun in Version 9

Modules which have been updated include:

Improved Documentation

This documentation site has had a makeover and is now organised more thematically.

We hope you find it helpful and we warmly welcome your feedback.