Version 7 Release Notes

VersionDate ReleasedNotes
7.426 January 2021Final release before v.8 which supports AG Grid v.25
7.34 January 2021ColumnInfo Module now redundant as merged into Grid Info Module
7.219 November 2020
7.111 November 2020Version is deprecated due to issues with Wrappers when using plugins
7.020 September 2020Breaking Release - See Upgrade Guide for more details

7.4 Release ๐Ÿš€

Enhancementโœ… Container Options should allow adaptable div to be provided as HTML Element as well as by name
Enhancementโœ… Make OpenFin toolbar available in Dashboard (when using OpenFin)
Bugโœ… Column Groups get flattened when a layout loads
Bugโœ… Layout editor only allows Drag n Drop into columns that are visible when it opens
Enhancementโœ… Add option to not show groups when no columns are visible
Enhancementโœ… Add more State type and Destination Options to Manage State function
Enhancementโœ… Make list of Functions available in Expression Editor configurable
Bugโœ… Conditional Style classnames dont work if scope is whole row
Taskโœ… Look at adding an IsReadOnly property to base Adaptable Object class
Enhancementโœ… Make PrimaryKeyDuplicate only way to prevent duplicates (remove Options property)
Enhancementโœ… Create 'Existing Values Only' predicate for Alert and Validation
Enhancementโœ… Create 'No Duplicate Values' predicate for Alert and Validation
Enhancementโœ… Add IncludeStyleWhenExportToExcel option to Export Options
Enhancementโœ… Include Adaptable styles when exporting Visible Data to Excel
Enhancementโœ… Add Option to open Quick Filter dropdown on click (default to remain mouseover)
Enhancementโœ… Add an 'Any_Contains' Expression function - similar to how Quick Search works
Enhancementโœ… Add Option to run a Query straight after Quick Search is run
Enhancementโœ… Allow users to provide list of Queryable columns (for running Expressions remotely)
Enhancementโœ… Allow developers to provide custom AdapTableQL functions
Enhancementโœ… Add substring() AdapTableQL function
Enhancementโœ… Add Column Group support in Layout Editor
Bugโœ… If groupMultiAutoColumn is true, Pivot Layout reverses columns when loading

7.3 Release ๐Ÿš€

Enhancementโœ… Add a separator in Column Menu before Adaptable Menu Items
Taskโœ… Merge ColumnInfo and GridInfo Functions into one - no need for 2
Enhancementโœ… Add Configure Dashboard Column Menu Item
Enhancementโœ… Put all Dashboard related column menu items into one sub-menu
Taskโœ… Enable Adaptable Menu Items to contain sub menus
Bugโœ… Filter on Cell Value context menu option should filter on cell's normalised, not display, value
Bugโœ… Remove Save as User Filter button in Filter popup as no longer used
Enhancementโœ… Add CSS variable for Menu Item in Filter form
Enhancementโœ… Enable a default predicate for each Column Data Type
Bugโœ… Calculated Columns cannot display string values
Enhancementโœ… Capitalise Tooltips in Team Share window
Enhancementโœ… Add Render Notification function to OpenFin options
Enhancementโœ… Remove requirement to provide the ColumnTypes array at start-up
Bugโœ… Grid flickers when a new column is added after other columns have loaded
Enhancementโœ… Provide API methods to hide / show Dashboard Custom Buttons
Enhancementโœ… Provide API methods to hide / show Custom Toolbar Buttons
Bugโœ… Selected Cell Info is wrong if context menu clicked very quickly
Taskโœ… Add Release section to Documentation
Enhancementโœ… Allow alternative names to be provided for Functions
Bugโœ… Row Groupings are being passed between Layouts
Taskโœ… Refactor and improve Audit Log messages
Bugโœ… Reports are not exporting Columns in Order defined in Scope
Bugโœ… Cannot change selected column order in Scope Component Wizard
Taskโœ… Create a standalone OpenFin demo app
Enhancementโœ… Allow OpenFin notifications to be enhanced at design-time
Bugโœ… Cell Renderer is removed from a Calculated Column after edit
Enhancementโœ… Add option to provide an icon for Application - will appear in Grid top corner
Enhancementโœ… Remove span from Button generated in Action Column
Enhancementโœ… Reduce amount of times SearchChanged event is fired
Bugโœ… Export looks strange for columns with a checkbox
Enhancementโœ… Create GridDataChanged Event to fire when data edits or ticks
Bugโœ… EditLookUp Column fails when not using All Enterprise Modules
Enhancementโœ… Format Column - show example of a negative number in Wizard Summary
Enhancementโœ… Show current Format Column properties in the Editor (and not defaults as they can override)
Enhancementโœ… Add ability to show Alerts in OpenFin notification area
โœ… Copy and paste in grid ignores Cell Validation
โœ… Styles in agGrid which reference a Css class name dont get cleared when style is deleted

7.2 Release ๐Ÿš€

Enhancementโœ… Include ADD_DAYS and DATE_DIFF functions to AdapTableQL
Enhancementโœ… Add Debounce State Delay property to State Options
Enhancementโœ… Add Custom Destinations to Schedule Popup
Enhancementโœ… LayoutUpdated event should fire also when a Layout is created and deleted
Bugโœ… Empty values appearing as NaN in Calculated Column
Enhancementโœ… Add a Coalesce function to AdapTableQL
Taskโœ… Improve how ClearStorage works in Config Api
Enhancementโœ… Add 'Clear Storage' function to User State functions
Bugโœ… Last value in Column Filter list doesnt appear when scrolling
Enhancementโœ… Update Custom Reports to send back data as ReportData object
Taskโœ… Improve JSON export destination so its proper JSON
Taskโœ… Add Option to include Primary Key column when exporting
Enhancementโœ… Create dynamic forms - initially to use in Export Custom Destinations
Enhancementโœ… Allow order of sections in Column and Context Menus to be configurable
Enhancementโœ… Make the word 'Search' in the Quick Search input box configurable
Taskโœ… Refactor how distinct values are fetched for a Column
Enhancementโœ… Cache distinct values in Filter Form

7.1 Release ๐Ÿš€

Enhancementโœ… Refactor ServerSearchOptions to be an Array
Bugโœ… BatchUpdateRowData is not triggering Alerts
Enhancementโœ… Add brief documentation for each AdapTableQL function in the Expression UI
Enhancementโœ… Disable 'Select Shared Query' button in UI if no Shared Queries are in State
Enhancementโœ… Allow AdapTableQL to accept dates as strings
Bugโœ… Calculated Columns appear as name_1 in certain circumstances
Bugโœ… Error thrown when opening Query editor if no data in the Grid
Enhancementโœ… Scrollbars in Filter Form are too intrusive
Enhancementโœ… Add new ipushpull page to Toolbar dropdown as soon as its been created
Taskโœ… Move AdapTable documentation to
Enhancementโœ… Add 'Log to Console' as an Alert Option
Bugโœ… Grouping fails in Calculated Columns for new Layouts
Bugโœ… Row Styles don't work after Version 7 Upgrade
Enhancementโœ… Add 'data-name' attribute to UI elements where missing
Enhancementโœ… Between Predicate should include the bound values
Bugโœ… Blanks and Non-Blanks Predicates sometimes fail
Bugโœ… Percent Bar UI fails if no values currently in column
Enhancementโœ… Only fire SearchChanged when a valid Column Filter has been created
Taskโœ… Upgrade to ag-Grid v.24
Taskโœ… Refactor exported data into Report Data object that can easily referenced
Enhancementโœ… Allow Percent Bars to be based off other column values
Enhancementโœ… Use normalised cell values in Parser
Bugโœ… Export Selected Rows is exporting 0 as empty cell
Bugโœ… Export Selected Cells doesnt work if column header has full stop
Bugโœ… A grouped cell doesnt unflash
Enhancementโœ… Add Option to show distinct values using current column sort order
Enhancementโœ… Add Custom Destination in Export
Bugโœ… Cannot create Calculated Column if grid has no data
Enhancementโœ… Save a Layout changed in Layout Editor even if AutoSave is false
Enhancementโœ… Enhance popup which appears when deleting Object with a referenced column
Enhancementโœ… Make Create New Layout more flexible
Bugโœ… Cannot enter a new Date into Bulk Update Toolbar
Enhancementโœ… Normalize dropdowns/selects (just use one and make it more 'styleable')
Enhancementโœ… Add Tooltips to Calculated Columns

7.0 Release ๐Ÿš€

Bugโœ… System Date Filters dont work with undefined or null values
Enhancementโœ… Add Custom Reports facility for Export
Enhancementโœ… Add a Grid Api Export to Excel method
Bugโœ… Flashing cell not working for edits
Bugโœ… Cannot Create Percent Bar through Column Info
Bugโœ… Custom sort breaks when try to edit a Custom Sort which uses a comparer function
Studyโœ… New Expression Parser
Bugโœ… Median Calculation Issue
Enhancementโœ… Allow Editing of Special Columns - but not the ColumnId property
Enhancementโœ… Prevent deletion of Special Columns if referenced elsewhere
Taskโœ… Remove Column Chooser function as replaced by Layout Editor
Bugโœ… Quick Search doesnt search on a column that is not in layout when it opens
Enhancementโœ… Add option to make the Label property of a User Menu Item a function
Enhancementโœ… Make User Menu label settable by a function
Enhancementโœ… Enable default column width for a Calculated Column to be set
Enhancementโœ… Create ipushpull plugin
Enhancementโœ… Create Glue42 plugin
Enhancementโœ… Create Finsemble plugin
Enhancementโœ… Create OpenFin plugin
Bugโœ… Column Width is not displayed when opening a layout at startup
Enhancementโœ… Add support for Angular 9
Taskโœ… Add support for ag-Grid version 23
Enhancementโœ… Layout: save pivoting details
Enhancementโœ… Layout: Add AutoSave property to Layout (and not just options)
Bugโœ… ToolPanels have a fixed width so look wrong when toolpanel is dragged
Enhancementโœ… Add DataType scope to Conditional Style
Taskโœ… Integrate Master / Detail into Adaptable Blotter
Enhancementโœ… Implement multiple Ranges for Percent Bar
Studyโœ… Create Shared Queries functionality
Bugโœ… Calculated Column creation / edit breaks grouping and sorting
Enhancementโœ… Make the editor for Calculated Columns more user friendly