AdapTable Rx (v.9) Release Notes

VersionDate ReleasedNotes
9.1Due August 2021UI Enhancements - particularly around Tool Panels
9.014 July 2021First version of AdapTable Rx - offering Reactive Expressions

9.1 Release

Task๐Ÿ”ฒ Allow users to provide their own Quick Filter on per-column basis
Task๐Ÿ”ฒ Add 'IsSuspended' property to AdaptableObject base class
Task๐Ÿ”ฒ Add ipushpull ToolPanel (to match ipushpull Toolbar)
Task๐Ÿ”ฒ Add OpenFin ToolPanel (to match OpenFin Toolbar)
Enhancement๐Ÿ”ฒ Use the new listbox chooser in Dashboard
Task๐Ÿ”ฒ Make Team Sharing of 'Views' possible
Enhancement๐Ÿ”ฒ Refactor ToolPanel and Toolbar to use same code
Enhancement๐Ÿ”ฒ Add ability to provide custom buttons to ToolPanel
Enhancement๐Ÿ”ฒ Use the new listbox chooser in Tool Panel Config
Bug๐Ÿ”ฒ React warning when using column comparison in Gradient Style Format Column
Bug๐Ÿ”ฒ Clear Alerts Button needs to be pressed multiple times
Bug๐Ÿ”ฒ Opening Alerts Panel triggers a React warning in the console
Task๐Ÿ”ฒ Refine active teamsharing for Layout
Bug๐Ÿ”ฒ Cannot schedule an Export to Custom Destination with form
Enhancement๐Ÿ”ฒ Add ability to create Custom Tool Panels
Task๐Ÿ”ฒ Add test scaffolding (jest-puppeteer) for Angular Wrapper
Bugโœ… Cannot Export to Excel if a dot in column name
Bugโœ… A provided defaultGroupSortComparator gets overriden
Enhancementโœ… Dashboard should allow Floating / Hiding / Collapsing when ReadOnly
Bugโœ… Column Menu doesnt work for Grouped Column in Charting
Bugโœ… OpenFin crashes if referenced but plugin not provided
Bugโœ… Query performance noticeably slower when row is grouped
Enhancementโœ… Show Adaptable Column and Context menus in Grouped Columns
Enhancementโœ… Change the icon for Export button
Bugโœ… Export Destination property is being reset
Bugโœ… Changing plugin order causes side-effects

9.0 Release (Adaptable Rx)

Enhancementโœ… Allow Calculated Columns to reference other Calculated Columns in Expressions
Enhancementโœ… Add Date buttons to Date Picker
Taskโœ… Add a 'source' for Adaptable Objects in State - config or user
Enhancementโœ… Create a 'Current Data' System Report to export only data in the Grid
Enhancementโœ… Rename 'Visible Data' to 'Visual Data' and make it always return styles
Taskโœ… Upgrade to ag-Grid 25.3.0
Enhancementโœ… Add Event when an Active Team Shared Entity has updated
Studyโœ… Use external Grid for when need to show Tabular Data
Enhancementโœ… Move CheckBox Columns into Format Column as a ColumnStyle
Bugโœ… Selecting 2 filter types in quick filter dropdown reverts to default type - not 2nd one
Bugโœ… Wrong message appearing when deleting a custom report via Export Toolbar
Enhancementโœ… Dashboard item is duplicated in the main Functions menu
Enhancementโœ… Add custom caption component to Datepicker to allow easy navigation for years
Enhancementโœ… Add option to allow switching between exporting Display / Raw cell values
Studyโœ… Add Weighted Average aggregation in Finance plugin
Studyโœ… See if can make Team Sharing 'Live'
Taskโœ… Enable Team Sharing of 'Complex' objects
Enhancementโœ… Refactor Wizard to display steps vertically
Enhancementโœ… Use Vertical Wizard for Alerts
Enhancementโœ… Add new string parser functions: LEN, UPPER, LOWER, CONCAT
Enhancementโœ… Create new event for when rows are added / deleted from the grid
Enhancementโœ… Rename GridDataChanged Event to CellChanged
Documentationโœ… Rename 'Functions' as Modules in Documentation
Enhancementโœ… Add ability to exclude grouped rows from action columns
Taskโœ… Move Calendar from a Strategy to an Option
Enhancementโœ… Merge Predicate and Query into a Rule property in Plus Minus
Enhancementโœ… Merge Predicate and Query into a Rule property in Alert
Enhancementโœ… Merge Predicate and Query into a Rule property in Conditional Style
Enhancementโœ… Enable users to turn on / off flashing for a column through column menu
Enhancementโœ… Provide way for users to remove Flashing Alerts which have not timeframe
Enhancementโœ… Add a QUERY function to parser
Taskโœ… Make it easier to share / reuse Queries
Bugโœ… Adaptable Menus doesnt appear if its a Grouped Column
Enhancementโœ… Add presets for common numeric Format Columns
Enhancementโœ… Replace DualListBoxEditor and Column Chooser with single component
Enhancementโœ… Integrate Adaptable Filter Form better into Filter Tool Panel
Taskโœ… Move Custom Export Destinations from Predefined Config to Export Options
Enhancementโœ… Refactor Plus Minus to use either Predicate or Query
Taskโœ… Move Entitlements from Predefined Config to Adaptable Options
Enhancementโœ… Ensure that a DataType is provided for a Calculated Column
Bugโœ… Fix Add All button not working in DualListBoxEditor
Enhancementโœ… Move Column & Context Menus from Predefined Config into Menu Options
Enhancementโœ… Provide date picker editor for date columns
Enhancementโœ… Provide numeric cell editor for numeric columns
Enhancementโœ… Assign cell editor automatically for FreeTextColumn datatype
Enhancementโœ… Add a data type property to Free Text Columns
Enhancementโœ… Add aggregated Alerts
Enhancementโœ… Add historical Alerts
Enhancementโœ… Add time-based Alerts
Enhancementโœ… Alert should use either Predicate or Query (but not both) - like Conditional Style
Taskโœ… Merge Query, Search and Filter Options together
Enhancementโœ… Merge all the different buttons used in AdapTable into one common object
Taskโœ… Refactor LayoutUpdated event into LayoutChanged
Taskโœ… Enable React Wrapper to show Custom Toolbars via Framework Components
Enhancementโœ… Enable ReadOnly Cells to be styled
Enhancementโœ… Add BorderColor to Adaptable Style
Enhancementโœ… Enable Editable Cells to be styled
Documentationโœ… Create automated documentation for all Redux Action names
Enhancementโœ… Only check Bulk Edit & Smart Edit selection if visible
Studyโœ… Refactor Chart-related code from core to plugin
Taskโœ… Make sure all Redux Actions are consistently named
Studyโœ… Replace Audit Log with new AuditStateChanged Event
Studyโœ… Merge Flashing Cells and Updated Rows into Alerts
Documentationโœ… Add page on Framework Components to Documentation
Taskโœ… Remove ValidationFailed Event (as now covered by AlertFired)
Taskโœ… Refactor ToolbarVisibilityChanged event into DashboardChanged
Enhancementโœ… Make Dashboard non-configurable if Entitlement is 'ReadOnly'
Enhancementโœ… Refactor Action Columns to use Adaptable (Form) buttons
Documentationโœ… Add Custom Toolbars page to Angular Wrapper documentation
Taskโœ… Refactor Angular Wrapper to be more naturally Angular
Enhancementโœ… Update Custom Destination Form to use Form Buttons
Taskโœ… Improve debugging in AdapTable
Enhancementโœ… Add Support for Boolean Columns in Quick Filter
Enhancementโœ… Refactor Adaptable Events args / info objects
Taskโœ… Replace browser date picker with themable 3rd party component
Bugโœ… Flashing Cell timers are not destroyed properly
Enhancementโœ… Add checks for Columns in Expressions when deleting special columns
Enhancementโœ… Add Query ToolPanel
Enhancementโœ… Add option to include a Close button in each Toolbar
Enhancementโœ… Add option to stack toolbars in dashboard
Enhancementโœ… Add option to remove Alert cell colouring when Alert no longer required
Studyโœ… Provide an auto-generated Primary Key if one cannot be provided
Enhancementโœ… Add time-based & historical functions to Parser
Enhancementโœ… Agree a common UI Look and Feel for wizard screens
Enhancementโœ… Add option to choose between Formatted Value and Raw Value data changes
Enhancementโœ… Enable Flashing Cell for non numeric columns
Taskโœ… Remove deprecated React methods
Enhancementโœ… Run reports on 'background' thread
Enhancementโœ… Provide error handling and proper messages when state fails
Enhancementโœ… Add Option to fire Alert if no / wrong PK Column
Enhancementโœ… Add ability in Export Options to select a destination