Searching in AdapTable

AdapTable provides a number of ways for users to find the data they need quickly and efficiently.


There are 3 different search related Modules available:

Quick SearchHighlights all cells in the grid that contain matching query text
QueryRuns real-time text-based queries using the rich and powerful AdaptableQL
Data SourceUpdates the entire data set in AdapTable using pre-populated data sources

AdapTable also offers powerful Filtering functionality

Search Options

AdapTable provides the Search Options section of Adaptable Options to allow users to configure Searching according to their precise requirements:

The full list of options available is as follows:

clearSearchesOnStartUpClears saved searches when AdapTable loadsfalse
excludeColumnFromQuickSearchFunction enabling specific Columns to be excluded from Quick Searchundefined
filterResultsAfterQuickSearchRuns a Query after Quick Search runs, filtering on quick search resultsfalse
quickSearchPlaceholderValue to use as placeholder in QuickSearch controls (e.g. in Dashboard)'Search'
serverSearchOptionsWhich searching and filtering options, if any, should take place on serverundefined

Server Searching

The serverSearchOptions property will stipulate whether - when using the Client Side Row Model any searching or filtering in AdapTable should take place on the server.


Leave this property unset if you want all searching and filtering to take place on the client (the default).


This is only applicable when the Client Side Row Model is in use

This topic is dealt with at length in the Server Functionality Guide together with information about the SearchChangedEvent.

// Run Query on the server (but appling Filtering and Sorting on the client)
searchOptions = {

Clearing Search State

AdapTable saves all User State by default so that it is available when the application re-starts.

However, some users see searching as 'transient' and don't wish to persist actions of this kind.

They can set the clearSearchesOnStartUp property to true which will clear any Searches (both Quick Search and Query) that were previously run.

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