Date Picker

The AdapTable Date Picker enables the selection of Dates in an intuitive manner.

It is used in the Date Cell Editor and in Date Filters and can be fully styled.


Use the Date Input Options to configure behaviour of the Date Picker and css variables for look and feel

The following properties are available (together with the default values):

--ab-cmp-datepicker__background: var(--ab-color-defaultbackground);
--ab-cmp-datepicker__selected-color: var(--ab-color-primarydark);
--ab-cmp-datepicker__selected-text-color: var(--ab-color-text-on-primarydark);
--ab-cmp-datepicker__selected-border-radius: 50%;
--ab-cmp-datepicker__day-border-radius: 50%;
--ab-cmp-datepicker__hover-color: var(--ab-color-primarylight);
--ab-cmp-datepicker__border: 1px solid var(--ab-color-primarydark);
--ab-cmp-datepicker__font-size: var(--ab-font-size-2);
--ab-cmp-datepicker__font-family: var(--ab__font-family);
--ab-cmp-datepicker__cell-size: 30px;

Use Date Input Options set which buttons to display - with positioning - at the bottom of the Date Picker