Action Column Render

User Function which provides custom rendering for an Action Column


If no implementation is provided for this User Function, the standard Action button is displayed


handler: (params: ActionColumnRenderParams) => string;

The function returns a string giving the full render contents of the Button that should display in the cell.

It receives an ActionColumnRenderParams object which is defined as follows:

columnThe ActionColumn being rendered
rowDataThe data in the current row being rendered
rowNodeThe row node being currently rendered


// Predefined Config
export default {
ActionColumn: {
ActionColumns: [
ColumnId: 'Action',
ButtonText: 'Click',
RenderFunction: 'action',
} as PredefinedConfig;
// Adaptable Options
const adaptableOptions: AdaptableOptions = {
userFunctions: [
type: 'ActionColumnRenderFunction',
name: 'action',
handler(params: ActionColumnRenderParams) {
let data: number = params.rowData.notional;
return data > 50
? '<button class="doublebutton">Double</button>'
: '<button class="treblebutton">Treble</button>';