Entitlement LookUp

User Function which is invoked each time that Entitlements are required.


The handler recieves the name of an Adaptable Function and the user's details.

It returns an appropriate Access Level.

handler: (
functionName: AdaptableFunctionName,
userName: string,
adaptableId: string
) => AccessLevel | undefined;

If no Access Level is returned then AdapTable will use the Default Access Level for Entitlements


// Predefined Config
export default {
// Set the Default Access Level to be 'Full' (for any Functions not explicitly entitled)
// Provide the name of the EntitlementLookUpFunction to use
Entitlements: {
DefaultAccessLevel: 'Full',
EntitlementLookUpFunction: 'serverLookUp',
} as PredefinedConfig;
// Adaptable Options
const adaptableOptions: AdaptableOptions = {
// Set all Ediiting Functions to be Hidden (e.g. we have a ReadOnly grid)
// Permission Search Functions based on the results from an Entitlements Server we call.
userFunctions: [
name: 'EntitlementLookUpFunction',
type: 'serverLookUp',
handler(functionName: AdaptableFunctionName, userName: string, adaptableId: string) {
switch (funcName) {
case 'BulkUpdate':
case 'CellValidation':
case 'PlusMinus':
case 'SmartEdit':
case 'Shortcut':
return 'Hidden';
case 'Query':
case 'Filter':
case 'DataSource':
case 'QuickSearch':
return getPermissionServerResult(funcName, userName, adaptableId);