User Functions Overview

The User Functions section of Adaptable Options contains the actual implementations of JavaScript functions that users reference by name in Predefined Config.


Predefined Config is stored as JSON - and often remotely - which means that it is not possible to store function implementations (as they cannot be stringified or serialised).

Because of this restriction, the 2-step pattern that AdapTable uses in such cases is as follows:

  1. The relevant section in Predefined Config (e.g. CustomSortComparerFunction) provides the function name
  2. This userFunctions collection contains the actual function implementation code itself.

User Function Properties

All UserFunction implementations contains 3 properties:

typeType of the function: this allows AdapTable to know which function is being provided; this is strongly typed for user convenience
nameName of the function: must be the same as the function name provided in Predefined Config
handlerActual function implementation itself; this varies based on the type of the function.

User Functions

User FunctionDescription
ActionColumnRenderFunctionRender an Action Column in a non-standard way
ActionColumnShouldRenderPredicateWhether or not to render an Acton Column
CellSummaryOperationFunctionBespoke Cell Summaries
CustomExportDestinationFunctionProvides a custom destination for a Report
CustomReportFunctionRuns a Custom Report
CustomSortComparerFunctionA Comparer function for running bespoke Custom Sorts
EntitlementLookUpFunctionEnables external look ups for Entitlements
GetColumnValuesFunctionGet Columns Values (used in Lookups & Permitted Values)
UserMenuItemClickedFunctionAction to run when a User Menu item is clicked
UserMenuItemShowPredicateWhether or not to show the User Menu item
UserMenuItemLabelFunctionRetrieves a distinct value for the label of a Menu Item

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