Each Adaptable Function has its own popup page.

Each Popup varies depending on the Function it deals with.

But they can generally be divided into 2 groups:

  • Action Popups - Where you use the popup window to do or show something.


    Examples include Smart Edit, Cell Summary and Query.

  • Collection Popups - Where you manage adding / updating / deleting Adaptable Objects in that Function's collection.


    Examples include Conditional Style, Custom Sort and Export.


    The popup typically displays a list of existing items in that Function's collection with buttons at the end of row to edit and delete (and share if Team Sharing is enabled.)


These make it easy to create and edit Adaptable Objects step by step by clicking the Forward, Back or Finish buttons as appropriate.


Wizards also contain a legend that tells you where you are positioned in the Wizard at one time; if editing an existing object, the links in the legend are activated to make it easy to jump forward to a later wizard stage.