Wizards are designed to make it easy to create and edit Adaptable Objects in an intuitive step by step manner.

Vertical Wizard

In Adaptable Rx Wizards received a big make-over, the most notable feature of which was they now run vertically to make better use of screen estate.

The following Modules have been updated to use the new vertical style with others to follow in coming months:


Wizards contain a number of useful features including:

  • menu on the left naming (and numbering) each step in the process


    You can use Ctrl (Command for Mac) + the number of the step to navigate to it using the keyboard

  • full context-sensitive instructions and help regarding what is required in each step

  • information icon displayed next to steps which require information to be provided

  • if finish button is disabled, message is displayed explained what is required to re-enable

  • intuitive summary screen providing at a glance information about the object created, together with buttons to edit each section of the wizard